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Snoring is common in adults and as one ages, snoring becomes more prevalent. But oftentimes, the person snoring is not the only affected. Family members, and especially spouses, who are subjected to loud and disruptive snoring night after night, are also affected physically and emotionally. But the one who snores may also be risking developing very serious physical problems that can be life-threatening.

Have you ever attended a church retreat or Boy Scout camp out? If someone was a loud snorer, chances are in the morning, he was the only who got any sleep and he probably denied his snoring activity! Just imagine sleeping next to someone like that every night.

If you don't sleep well, you suffer physically and ultimately, emotionally. If you are the snorer, there are many physical problems that can result from this irritating activity. If you are the one sleeping with a snorer, you too, suffer.

What's the solution? Separate bed rooms are oftentimes the ultimate choice of couples. Sleeping in a chair may be the solution, but most people can't sleep well in a chair. Medications? These may even make the snoring problem worse.

Most snoring can be effectively treated. Dr. Shankland may be able to help you if you're a snorer and if you sleep with someone who snores, he may be able to he you too, get a good night's sleep.